Barbara's Demo Reel - Barbara Schucko
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00:00 - The Fight, by Paula Bast Arranger/Producer/Tracking Engineer/Bassist Barbara Schucko Guitars Vinicius Cavalieri Drums Marc Dolgin 

                                                        Music/Lyrics/Production Paula Bast Mastering Engineer Jett Galindo Mixing Engineer Michael Brauer

                                                        Tracking Engineer Jason Lee Vocal Tracking Engineer (Spanish Version) Dav Abrams 

00:38 - Indigo Sky, by Babia & El Mukuka Songwriting/Vocal Production/Vocals/Guitar Barbara Schucko Production El Mukuka Production Henri Purnell

01:09 - Que Amor É Esse, by Thiago Ámenn Arranger/Producer/Bassist Barbara Schucko Guitars Vinicius Cavalieri Mixing Engineer Daniel Galindo

01:35 - Estúpida Canción, by Paula Bast  Arranger/Producer/Tracking Engineer/Background Vocals Barbara Schucko Guitars Vinicius Cavalieri Drums Marc Dolgin 

                                                                      Bass Ricardo Osorno Music/Lyrics/Production Paula Bast Mastering Engineer Jett Galindo

                                                                       Mixing Engineer Derek Snyder Tracking Engineer Jason Lee  

Lama, by Bárbara Schucko Music Production/Vocals/Arrangement/Music/Lyrics Barbara Schucko Music Production Paula Park Audio Engineer Pedro Calloni 

                                          Mixing Engineer Alberto Menezes Mastering Engineer Ryan Kelly (RSK Audio) Percussion Anne "Nêgah" Santos Percussion Júlio Santos

                                          Flutes Fernando Brandão Acoustic Guitar Vinícius Cavalieri Second Guitar/Additional Arrangement Felipe Mendes Bass Gianluca Girard 

Azure Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer/Vocals Barbara Schucko Guitars Vinicius Cavalieri Drums Marc Dolgin Bass Alex Reynolds

Lagging Schemes Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer/Vocals/Bass Barbara Schucko Guitars Vinicius Cavalieri Drums Marc Dolgin 

Devil Woman Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer/Vocals Barbara Schucko Guitars Vinicius Cavalieri Drums Marc Dolgin 

                      Bass Pedro Zappa Harmonica Sarah Messias Mix Engineer Alexander Ammons

Closer (Orchestral) Composer/Conductor/Mix Engineer Barbara Schucko 

Galatea (Orchestral) Composer/Conductor/Mix Engineer Barbara Schucko

Produced by Barbara Schucko and Paula Park

Recorded by Pedro Calloni

Mixed by Alberto Menezes

Mastered by Ryan Kelly (RSK Audio)

Lyrics, Music: Bárbara Schucko

Anne “Nêgah” Santos: Percussion

Bárbara Schucko: Voices

Fernando Brandão: Flutes

Felipe Mendes: Second Guitar, Additional Arrangement

Gianluca Girard: Electric Bass

Júlio Santos: Percussion

Vinícius Cavalieri: Main Guitar


Paula Bast is a Colombian visual artist and musician who tells the story of her life, her experiences and her hopes using music and art as her only tools.

On her performances she paints through her songwriting a picture of her life, a unique vision of the colors with which she sees the world. Through her music and paintings, Paula opens a window to the vulnerability of being, to the human connection, to inspiration and love.

"Estúpida Canción" is a heartfelt song about a forgotten love that captures Paula's personality as a multifaceted artist, and it is the first single to be released from a collaboration with Barbara Schucko as Paula's Music Producer. 


You can listen to "Estúpida Canción" and follow Paula Bast on Spotify through the link below:

Thiago is a Brazilian Singer-Songwriter with a soulful gospel-infused voice that caresses every word with a velvet glove. In his upcoming single "Que Amor É Esse" ("What Is This Love"), Thiago ponders the different sides of love and the challenges involved to find them. 

Thiago was found by the music producer Barbara Schucko during her travels to Brazil when his captivating songs reached her and flourished in an amusing collaboration that is yet to reach the audience's thirsty ears. 

© 2018 by Barbara Schucko.